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I like the concept – by having targeted videos that cover specific topics/sub-topics it gets rid of the problem of having wasted time from either watching parts of commercial videos that are irrelevant or having to faff with fast forwarding to the ‘good’ bits.

Scottish exam marker

Speech Bubble

Year 10 had a super lesson today courtesy of @WeAre_GetReal. A great case study and video on marketing that really embedded their understanding of the topic #bringingthesubjecttolife

Head of Business/Economics: Gordonstoun School

Speech Bubble
Speech Bubble

This is great stuff. The most stimulated learning comes from those who are living the subject - day-in, day-out. Speak to people in business now and you gain insights and inspiration rarely found in textbooks. Keep up the great work.

Mike Stevenson: Motivational Speaker (via LinkedIn)

Up-to-date case material is gold dust, especially with relatable content. In this case the fact that Angela (Orbit Smoke Barbers - Training) wasn't a high flier at school, which will resonate with some of my class. Video and case study are the way to go.

Head of Business: Walsall Academy

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