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How It Works

We have interviews with the likes of Starbucks, Cineworld and Bauer Media plus smaller private sector organisations such as a barber, a record shop and an ice cream parlour.

Each video is between 3-10 minutes long.                      Each video has an associated Case Study.

Each Case Study has five activities.                                Each video is suitable for 12 to 18 years.


There are two purchasing options. Choose either:

Get It All - all the videos and case studies or

Get One - an individual video and case study.  

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Get It All
All 19 videos, each with their own Case Study.
Featuring Starbucks, Cineworld, The Scout Association, Bauer Media and more.

Once you purchase:
- Case Studies: you'll get an email with a link to download all the case studies.
- Videos: you will sign in to watch the videos on this website.
- New Videos: any new videos and case studies created before 1 September 2024 will be included in this package.  

here to purchase Get It All.
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Get One
One video with its own Case Study.
here to view our catalogue of videos.
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Free One
Click here to view a free video and Case Study with Orbit Smoke Barbers on the topic of training.
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